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we can close the equity gaps that impact many of our communities. Together we can continue to build on the strong foundations of our shared experiences, and together we can ensure today's aspiring professionals have the resources, assets, and mentorship needed to breakthrough societal limitations.


WHY we do what we do

We believe everyone should benefit from the growth, development, and experiences of our collective communities. In doing so, we allow our future to be brighter, smarter, and better prepared.

WHAT is it that we do

We support members of our community with reviewing, revamping, and optimizing their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more. We help prepare for interviews, leverage our network for industry knowledge, consult on career change decisions and transferrable skills. Mentor and develop leaders within communities across the country to help achieve our why.

WHO is our target audience


About Us

Free 15 Minute Resume or Career Consultation

Book a free 15 minute consultation where we will review your resume or general career transition questions and provide guidance and feedback based on the conversation


Resume Consultation and Optimization

Our resume consultation and optimization consists of thorough review and update of your resume using our 5-step process. You will also receive four different versions of your resume with recommendations and direction on how and when to use

Career Consultation

Our career consultation service consists of a 30-60 minute initial session reviewing your resume, experience and purpose for transitioning industries/fields. We will then provide relatable transferrable skills and update your resume to reflect those skills

Leadership Workshop

Our leadership workshops are targeted/customized workshops to best prepare professionals for success when entering a leadership role where they will be responsible for a team or teams. We review leadership philosophy, leadership styles and recommend best practices to implement

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